Easy Administration of Employee Benefits with Sodexo Multi-Benefit Pass

Employee benefits are perks that are provided to employees. Some of the employee benefits provided by organisations include travel, fuel, clothing, telecom, meals, medical insurance, profit sharing, and retirement benefits. The traditional way of filing for these benefits is a time-consuming task. When the size of an organisation is relatively big, it is difficult for the finance department to cover these benefits and new types of expenses.

Sodexo is one of the pioneers in delivering quality life services to the employees. In the past 22 years, it has established unparalleled employee and organisation support. After analysing the present scenario, the company has introduced the Multi Benefit Card. The innovation solution of the new multiple employee benefits card is a way to embrace digitalization and bring the workplace expenses on a single digital platform.

The card eliminates the need for carrying multiple cards and offers exclusive benefits and tax savings. Moreover, it extends more freedom of choice to employees  with 36 lakh Rupay outlets for availing non – meal benefits and 1 lakh Sodexo- affiliated outlets to purchase food and non – alcoholic beverages. This unique solution if a first of its kind because it’s the only card that is designed to segregate meal and non – meal allowances, ensuring 100% compliance for the HR and Finance Teams.

Here is a stepwise guide to using the Sodexo Multi Benefit Pass. Essentially, the solution can be opted via two operating models; allowance or reimbursement.

Allowance Model:

Step 1: An allocated amount is transferred into the employee’s Multi-Benefits Pass

Step 2: The employee can access the card for various purposes like paying fuel bills or purchasing their meals

Step 3: The balance is deducted from that specific benefit account whenever the employee makes any purchase through the card or next-gen mobile app

Reimbursement Model:

Step 1: The employee spends using cash or any other card

Step 2: On completion of the purchase, the employee uploads the image of the original bill via web or app

Step 3: The expenses are then verified and approved as per the company’s policies

Step 4: After verification of spends, the amount is reimbursed into employee’s benefit account

Sodexo’s Next-Gen Mobile App helps employees track spends and receipts, make QR-based payments, generate a dynamic PIN, block / unblock card with just a tap and much more. Sodexo Multi-Benefit Pass reduces operational inefficiencies for managing multiple employee benefits and enables a productive culture with a completely paperless solution

To know more about the solution, click here  https://solutions.sodexobenefitsindia.com/multi-benefits-pass